Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports

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EMMA is an Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) platform developed for airport operators to instantly visualize sensory imformation and monitor key conditions and systems of the Airport.

Adapted to any airport in the world, EMMA complies with the Eurocontrol A-CMD objectives of improving the overall efficinecy of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and improving the predictability pf events

Key Benefits

Allow efficient and transparent information sharing between airport partners

Enhance the decision-making process

Present more accurate and timely information

Key Benefits

Increase predictability of operations for airport stockholders

Improve airport slot performance

Enhance capacity and resource utilization

Reduce in ground delays associated with resource planning

Decrease operational costs and fuel consumption

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Emma has been developed and is owned by IQ. IQ is a technology Solutions Provider that offers innovaative and high-quality systems integration and security solutions.

With extensive experience in the aviation sector, IQ is able to deploy successfully thanks to its experienced on-the-ground team and backend engineering squad.

IQ also brings a wealth of knowledge from Silicon Valley and insight into the latest technologies and business processes, extensive experience in network infrastruction and information technologies.

For more information about IQ please visit our website: www.i-q.com

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